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Wednesday March 31 2021 at 7:30 PM

× Stephanie Avery

The Lust Issue


6" x 7"


Price: $14.40

Zine Ed. 20

Stephanie Avery is a Toronto-based artist. Focusing on themes of play, discovery, identity and memory, Stephanie uses humour and absurdity to intervene with familiar objects and imagery to give them new meanings and narratives. Her goal is to inspire new perspectives and initiate critical dialogue about elements of contemporary culture that are often taken for granted.

Compiling my 'Ad Hack' paintings, I have assembled three 8 page zine parodies of the magazines we see marketed today. Viewers would be welcome to flip through them.

For my ongoing painting series, ‘AdHack’, I use reclaimed magazine and street ads as my canvas, painting my own whimsical additions directly onto them to critique and subvert duplicitous aspects of consumer culture. As advertisements become increasingly ubiquitous, both in our personal/digital and public spaces, it’s important that we build educated and resilient relationships with this medium that is actively attempting to manipulate our desires, often with insidious strategies and globally unsustainable results. ‘AdHack’ shifts the traditionally passive viewer/advertiser relationship into something much more active and empowering. By using humour to co-opt advertisements, viewers gleefully disengage from the original narratives and learn to see through the medium as a whole. It’s a fun and engaging way to inspire critical thought/dialogue about advertisements and the role they play in our everyday lives.

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Being Scene
651 Dufferin St
Toronto ON M6K 2B2