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Wednesday March 31 2021 at 7:30 PM

× Robin Jones

Double Self-Portrait

Oil and acrylic



Price: $6000.00

The artist was born in New Market on October 3rd 1978, and has lived in Toronto since 1997. Robin was introduced to art at a young age; an early memory he has is of drawing dinosaurs for a science project with his mother. Drawing and painting provided an escape from the mundane world and definitive moment at a music festival showed Robin that he too could be an artist. By 2012, Robin graduated from Ontario College of Arts & Design with a B.F.A in Drawing and Painting.

The themes explored in his work are the miracles of life on earth. By focusing on the notion of how art is for everyone, Robin uses art to create awareness of what society is missing. E.g. previous works include paintings of fruit markets; this was motivated by Robin’s appreciation for veganism and upholding animal rights. Robin’s artwork is primarily with water-soluble oils also uses sound and creates sonic art. Frottage and grids are come techniques Robin relies on, as well as drawing freehand. His influences are artists who broke boundaries by creating art the world had not seen before. His inspirations also include film and music.

My artwork is a light, mostly red canvas showing a double self-portrait. The all Seeing Eye represents God watching down on the artist as he attempts to create a new style of painting. The inspiration for this piece is based on artists who developed their own original styles. My goal for this piece was to create something completely original and a new kind of portraiture. In creating this work I learned there are unlimited ways of painting the figure.

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