Occurs on Friday March 13 2020

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Workman Arts Lower Hall
651 Dufferin Street
Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Birds and humans have the ability to walk the land and swim the earth's open water, but the ability to freely soar the sky solely belongs to birds. This workshop welcomes those who have previously sculpted before and those who are experimenting with clay for the first time. The objective of this 4 class workshop is to sculpt using porcelain clay. The group will meditate on the diverse cultural stories of birds and how they literally or metaphorically continue to symbolize notions of freedom, peace and be messengers of the skies. Each person will have the opportunity to create as many miniature clay birds as possible and in doing so will develop and deepen their relationship with the concept of birds.

This workshop is lead by Native Women in the Arts and is designed for participants who are Indigenous, Black, a Person of Colour, a woman, non-binary, and/or queer.

Instructor: David Salazar

My art practice reflects research into the use of animals as cultural symbolism and allegory. I create allegorical sculptures which simultaneously explore the borders between necessity and excess, desires and addiction. The intent of my work is to approach this subject matter through humour, so that the viewer can consider their own relationships with the intellectual and emotional conflict of abstaining from overindulgence. The allegories in my work invite the viewer to reflect on human experience through traditional animal-based narrative. On the other hand, the sculptures can also stimulate reflections on how animals are used to define human experience.

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