× Cathy Bennet

Polar Vortex





In 2013, after many years of working as a successful copywriter, and managing my late husband’s art business, I decided to take up painting myself. Since then, I’ve never looked back. I much prefer plein air to painting from photographs, and I paint every day once the warmer weather rolls around. I especially love painting the flowers in my garden.

I’ve sold a number of paintings through Facebook and I’m working on Facebook Page as well as a website for myself. My work has been selected for has been selected for numerous shows at Artusaism, and I’ve shown my work though the Toronto Art Collective. I also selected for 2019 Being Scene.

There is no secret about why I paint what I paint. I love beauty in its many forms, which could be as mundane as peeling paint on a weathered building or as glorious as a lush hibiscus or a Georgian Bay sunset. If there is one theme that probably runs through my paintings, it’s my interest in colour. I love the way colours compliment each other and fit together, which is why I also love abstract painting, although my works are seldom totally abstract. I usually start by putting colour down and as I move along I start to see a realistic vision of sorts, and that vision usually guides me along as I finish the painting.

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