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Pen, ink, marker



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Eve Crandall is a self-taught maker and artist, who has created art and “stuff” her whole life. Her current focus is mixed media collage, and pen and ink and markers. She works in a variety of media, in images and in words, hoping to convey a world-view that embraces hard-won life wisdom, compassion and personal growth. She hopes the visual messages will resonate with the viewer and accompany them on their journey.

How we talk to ourselves impacts us. The quotes I collect for my mixed media collage and now for my pen and ink drawings are used to convey a world view that embraces hard-won wisdom, compassion and personal growth. I hope to convey the joy of connection to the elements of our lives through the richness of detailed pattern and colour.

I love that my art can contribute to self-awareness both within myself and within the viewer. As a mental health advocate, I want to support and strengthen a healthy internal dialogue. The layers built up in my mixed media pieces, or the tiny details of the pen and ink drawings all contribute to a visual message that can help ground us in the world and within ourselves.

Art can be both affirming and encouraging, and really, we are all in this together.

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