× Trinley Dorje

First Contact

Mixed media collage



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Trinley Dorje is a Toronto based, mixed media artist whose artworks are visual anthropological explorations of the human experience. Her aim is to strip away societal biases based on exterior level physical traits by removing or altering the skin of the human body which, in turn, allows the viewer of her art to openly negotiate the emotional and gendered meanings of the human body. She hopes her art will encourage discussion around racial, gender, and sexual biases and the importance of equality for all.

Her artwork has been shown in Canada, the United States, Netherlands, Sweden and Ireland. She has been featured on CBC Arts: Exhibitionist TV

Mixed media collage with hand drawn anatomical elements, on a cradled wood panel, coated in resin. First Contact was inspired by my love for science fiction and the science facts in regards to space travel and the hope that we are not alone in the universe.

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