× Jean Fode

Small Child

newsprint, plaster, acrylic

13.75" & 6"


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Jean is an artist living in Toronto. She first started to paint in 1990.

For several years following she was unable to pursue her art as she was needed as a caregiver. She was born in Saskatchewan where she initially became a registered nurse. Moving to Toronto she enrolled at the Royal Conservatory of Music graduating with an ARCT in piano. Presently she teaches young music students as well as following her love of art. Her mediums are sculpture, mixed media, painting and installation.


Art is power. As I prepared this work I came to realize the incredible power of visual images and the ability of the observer to be deeply moved by those images. In this particular case, the dire conditions of millions of homeless and desperate children trapped in an unending nightmare called, “the atrocities of the modern war zone.”

We need to be reminded of their plight. The following message is part of a larger document, composed by children from Mali, Sudan, Columbia, Yemen and Syria. The document was published by Save the Children In January, 2019. “We are paying the price for adults’ war… We have been raped, tortured, kidnapped and silenced.” There is a deafening sound to that silence. One response is my own dedication expressed through my art.

You may well say “wars have been humanities legacy and children have always suffered as the consequence.” All this is true but it doesn’t mean it has to continue - far from it. The word of the day is CHANGE. It is critical that this idea of change be translated into “NO MORE WARS ON CHILDREN.”

Of course reasons for war are many and complex: economics, religious differences, territorial invasion - just to name the obvious. To end wars will be long, slow, difficult work, as we already know. It is work that must be done if humans are to survive with any kind of conscience.

Many organizations and honourable people are engaged in this struggle. What is required of the ordinary citizen is that we continue to be engaged and open to crucial choices.

Some of these paintings are painful to look at. I hope you will not turn away in despair. It was very difficult for me to imagine myself in the place of the tortured, raped and beaten child. I, myself, have not had these experiences and for that I am deeply grateful and indebted to those who have gone before.

During the preparation of this work I began to develop an understanding of the incredible courage these children exhibit. Their moments of terror, losing one’s family and having nowhere to turn. These are photographic prints from original paintings and drawings that I have done over the last four to five years. It’s been with me a long while and continues to deepen as the years pass.

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