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Genova has exhibited, and performed original spoken word solo, at the Rendezvous with Madness (RWM) Festival, performed stand-up comedy with Mood Disorders Association of Ontario (Laughing Like Crazy Joke Book), published poetry in the Workman Arts Ledger and OLP, and exhibited at the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival and at Being Scene. She founded Mad Dreams, who performed all original choreographed music, singing, and spoken word at Nerve Endings at the RWM Festival (with video) and at The Bentway Variety Show, and she is a member of Being Poetry Artist Collective, whose work is also inceptive. Lately she’s been uploading her music (free to listen) to Visit also and share your thoughts!

Genova’s images depict emerging from madness, or out of a state/situation/lifestyle known only to oneself that is contributing to, or wholly causing, madness individually and/or collectively. Madness comes also from energies required to conceal truth(s), and the agonies that come with self-shame and/or imagining society’s shaming.

“Coming Out” can bring an (eventual) inner and/or shared celebration of strength and freedom, growing and spreading from seed. Genova hopes the viewer may consider how they/s/he may bravely reveal a secret(s) in their own way and time that cannot (any longer) serve them, and in so doing experience less a painful feeling of aloneness, shame of self and/or by society, being judged, perhaps rejected and/or forgotten, and, instead, find inspiration within the self and/or community.

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