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Lindsay studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD-U), travelled and worked in the USA, Europe and home to Toronto.

Lindsay is a visual artist and was an art facilitator for Parks and Recreation, City of Toronto, teaching children and adults, as well as C.A.M.H. and Workman Arts. She has taught a “pilot project" in various institutions; such as, Regent Park and 6 St Joseph Street. She has accepted commissions for City of Toronto, painting murals on Bell Canada cable boxes and sketched illustrations for books.

She worked with other artists on a yearlong project of 6 mosaics for C.A.M.H. (Centre for Addiction and Mental health, Toronto). She is part of the Art Rental program for Workman Arts, in which works are sold or rented.

I paint mainly abstract and abstract with some figurism included. I use acrylics, watercolours, inks, mixed media and occasionally collage.

I am fascinated by emotions and the arrangement of items and people, often in unnatural surroundings. My works evolve from my moods, personality and life experiences that contribute as well.

I am very interested when people look at my works and see something in the story, a brief moment or situation while others, see something completely different. This is very gratifying.

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