× Katie McIntyre

The Way to Afterlife

Oil on canvas



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I was born, and currently live, in the city of Toronto. As a child I enjoyed arts and crafts and as a teenager and young adult I took special interest in photography and the guitar. It is only a few years ago that I discovered my passion for oil painting.

As a self-taught artist I have learned a lot from books on the old masters. Two famous artist’s in particular who have influenced my work are Norval Morrisseau and Franz Marc. I am drawn to their use of bright colours and animal depictions, which is also my focus as a painter. I like to portray animals in safe and idyllic landscapes where they live wild and free. As for my artistic style, my paintings have a touch of naiveté which adds to the overall effect of my compositions.

My artworks for the current exhibition are full of colour and form. In ‘Birds in Paradise’, (this title comes from the term ‘birds of paradise’) the birds are blue and abstract which, along with the other colours, give it an otherworldly effect. In ‘The Way to Afterlife’ the scene is set in a kind of outer space with a layout of a horse turning into a flying unicorn after life on earth. Both of the pieces were done with oil paint and layered to add depth. The idea behind the paintings was an ‘ode to animal freedom’, the mentality that animals should not be for sale or owned. In the artworks I tried to convey a positive feeling of freedom, bliss and beauty. These paintings are the beginning of a series of animal depictions in landscapes.

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Birds In Paradise

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