× Mei Chan-Long


steel and resin base



Price: $1440.00

I was born and live in Toronto. I love to sculpt, express and love. My work is my art therapy, with hope sharing will help others. They are a reflection of living experiences. Work is created physically with emotions.

Creating is a reflection of life experiences... With the metal sculptures, they are created physically by hand with no heat. They are MIG welded. While working with metal, I am being physically strong. They are expressions towards change and positivity. They can be positioned to find and feel. The metal helps me with being emotionally strong.

As of 2019 I started to play with ceramics. It is quiet and peaceful time. The work is a reflection of experiences and emotions. I release and share. It connects with emotional movement.

Background... experience in the media designing advertisements, working with antique and period jewelry, refinishing furniture and working with special children.

People are encouraged to look and interact with the piece to explore. Looking is finding a connection to emotionally feeling. The work can be positioned in a variety of positions to find positivity. This piece, like all of my other sculptures, I use my physical strength and exertion to manipulate the metal. I do not use any heat. The metal pieces are mig welded and cleaned with a variety of materials. Sculpting metal may be physically painful. It helps me with emotional pain. It is my therapy.

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