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The Hairdresser




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I was born free, well, wild and curious; i was born in a small town which i found quite isolating. Being alone often, I only learned to socialize when i became legal drinking age. Alcohol was my crutch, my nectar, my function - my "joie de vivre". It was only after University when i got sober at 29 that i discovered art. I have a painful emotional disorder that distresses me greatly. I turn to art to deal with this form of oppression in my life. The death of my father in 2006 spurred me to question the deeper meaning of life, relationships and my own mortality. I started to create "raw vision outsider art" as a form of healing. Art inspired by Van Gogh, Basquiat, Frida Kahlo, and Gauguin. My art has been in three Being Scene Exhibits, as well as a full independent art show at Full of Beans Coffee House and Show Gallery.

My spiritual experiences influenced me to open my mind to an expressive form of "Raw Vision Outsider Art" where i intuit my creative process. This piece with Helen Posno as the model, is called "The Hairdresser" which is an oil painting with mineral spirits as a medium. I use rich and vibrant colours. I often use portraits as my subject matter to express my own inner life and capture the spirit of the people in it. My pieces are reflective and often symbolic in meaning using time and place, themes of sexuality, violence against women and oppression, shaming, relationships, forgiveness and social justice.

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