× Alan Parker


Oil on canvas

30x30" framed


Price: $1080.00

Art is a kind of kinship with history as presented by the artistic temperament of the times.

As a student I was a failure in the sense that, unlike my peers, I had nothing to say artistically. But I was given a four-year respite in the country, across from a library and I read and developed a set of principles for my art. Information that is relevant today influences the continuing process of learning how to paint. My mentor and teacher was Frederick Hagan at the Ontario College of Art. He taught me the fine art of printmaking and I fell in love by the work of the German Expressionists, something that has transferred into my painting.

One makes art to communicate. You may not always agree with trends or fads but communication is there and it changes us in some way. Art is often isolating and yet revealing.

The work itself represents all of these dynamics: the literature of art; the often-found meaning and memory on the expression of art; an interest in the structure and colour of art. The possibility of communicating ideas is, however, subtle.

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