× Danica Rasovic


ink and acrylic on wood



Price: $120.00

My name is Danica Rasovic. I earned my Hon.B.A as a history major but kept my love of art alive. I am a relatively new artist who has stayed in the woman's in patient trauma unit at CAMH this past summer. I am also transitioning into the inter-grated day therapy program. My art showcases my emotional journey throughout this arc of time. Before, during and after my break my art was there, grounding me.

My art merges paint and sculpture through mostly salvaged wood and art supplies. Each piece has at least two sides, or prespecives for the viewer to consider and or interact with. It Shows that we have as many options as points of view to regard any moment or feelings in time. And that is my art and journey through my mind, fleeting feelings caught in the web of time.

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