× Susana Rizzi


Oil on canvas



Price: $3540.00

Born in Argentina, Graduated as Biochemist, and studied art at the Instiuto De Bellas Artes Luis Spilimbergo Argentina. I studied advanced art level of Portrait and Still life at Etienne Gothard and Luis Presas Buenos Aires Argentina. In 1999 I immigrated to Canada. I studied and graduated as Medical Laboratory Technologist.

My work is centered on human energy, feelings and expressions. Painting has been a rich and fulfilling time for me. My work often relates in an abstract energetic sense. Working in my own variant of Abstract Expressionism, improvising compositions, with a briskness that support a conscious intention. When a piece finally moves to the wall it is then shaped and formed with layers of drawing and painting until the pieces fall into a striking composition of gravity and space. The black and white lines on canvas splash across the canvas with a gradient of colors moving through my strokes. The notion of space begins immediately. Masters of Abstract Expressionism such a Franz Kline, Robert Mother well, Joan Mitchell and Peter Lanyon are my mentors.

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