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Dis/Integrate from Unravel: Departures

Fiber sculpture



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Kat Singer is a Toronto-based multimedia artist, activist and educator. They are passionate about social justice and equity, maker culture, and sustainability. Their work spans a range of media including photography, street art, drawing, painting, fibre art, printmaking and performance, and explores phenomena such as neurodiversity, illness and dis/ability, queer identities, and healing from trauma.

Unravel 1 was conceived during my time at the 2018 FAC residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point. I was exploring ways to honour my healing journey through art, and I rendered challenging situations and emotional states I was struggling with as three-dimensional yarn sculptures. Through this process I gave shape to what was previously vague and messy, and thus difficult to hold, and developed a deeper understanding of what I was going through. I could thus handle these emotions, and share them with others.

These explorations have continued in subsequent series: Unravel 2 was characterized by greater uniformity in scale, predominant use of grey acrylic yarn, and a lack of facial features as a way to universalize the experiences/states depicted; Unravel 2.2 saw the return of the facial features and an increased complexity of the figures. I am currently working on Unravel: Departures, where I experiment with a variety of materials and techniques, scale, color, and the tactile properties such as weight and texture, making each sculpture distinctive from others in this sub-series.

This piece represents the “before” and “after” of healing from trauma. The loose threads of one figure allude to the “mess” of active recovery. The smooth figure still bears “scars” of its past.

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