× Kat Singer

Unquiet Hands


Duration: 4min 46sec


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Kat Singer is a Toronto-based multimedia artist, activist and educator. They are passionate about social justice and equity, maker culture, and sustainability. Their work spans a range of media including photography, street art, drawing, painting, fibre art, printmaking and performance, and explores phenomena such as neurodiversity, illness and dis/ability, queer identities, and healing from trauma.

Unravel 1 was conceived during my time at the 2018 FAC residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point. I was exploring ways to honour my healing journey through art, and I rendered challenging situations and emotional states I was struggling with as three-dimensional yarn sculptures. Through this process I gave shape to what was previously vague and messy, and thus difficult to hold, and developed a deeper understanding of what I was going through. I could thus handle these emotions, and share them with others.

These explorations have continued in subsequent series: Unravel 2 was characterized by greater uniformity in scale, predominant use of grey acrylic yarn, and a lack of facial features as a way to universalize the experiences/states depicted; Unravel 2.2 saw the return of the facial features and an increased complexity of the figures. I am currently working on Unravel: Departures, where I experiment with a variety of materials and techniques, scale, color, and the tactile properties such as weight and texture, making each sculpture distinctive from others in this sub-series.

A video I produced as part of the Re-Storying Autism project.

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