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Tiger Lilies my Great-Grandfather Brought from Schumacher and Planted on my Grandparents’ Farm, that my Mother Transplanted to her Home When They Moved, and I Uprooted When She Died: (Anger)




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Hazey May lives in Toronto, Ontario. Art and craft became a way to clarify thoughts, work through difficult emotions, highlight injustice, or to make herself laugh while dealing with the ups and downs of life. She is self-taught, youtube-taught and adult-education class-taught and has not shown her work previously. She is a member of Workman Arts. She is also a fiction writer and has appeared in the Dying Dahlia Review. She is currently finishing her Master in Social Work.

This series examines the implications of my mother’s death on my mental health, and the shifts it brought to my family’s dynamics. This piece also looks at people’s expectations regarding grief in general, and the effects it has on Mad people.

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