Occurs on Wednesday September 16 2020

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Instructor: Stacey Sproule
September 16 - October 21
Wednesdays, 6-8PM

Art making is also a type of spiritual practice. This six-week interdisciplinary course is centred around drawing parallels between art and magic, and working with the unknown as an on-going process. Widen the scope of what is possible in art and see that the common thread between art and mystical practices is a cultivation of trust in the unknown, as well as the radical re-shaping the world into a version as of yet not imagined.

Participants will gain a deeper sense of their intuition and a more embodied art practice, as well as tools to use when the process feels stuck or stagnant.

About the Instructor
My name is Stacey Sproule (pronouns she/her). I am an interdisciplanary artist and I’ve been teaching in contract positions for 5 years. I’ve developed multiple curriculums in embroidery, mending, textile art and tarot and I’ve taught both in community health organizations for the public and in private institutions and I’ve taught both in person and online. My personal practice centers around seasons and cycles, as well as remaining in contact with the unknown.

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