Occurs on Friday October 2 2020

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Instructor: Jaene F. Castrillon
Friday October 2, 6-8 PM

We will learn some very basic Ojibway Medicine Wheel Teachings. Looking at the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of health from an Indigenous lens as a template for personal wellness and checking in.

In addition we will talk about appreciation verses appropriation, respectful ways of engaging cultures not of our own, pitfalls of pan-Indigenity and proper protocol around teachings. As part of this workshop we will be encouraged to use whatever materials you have (paper, collage, writing, illustration) while incorporating this knowledge to make a vision board/wellness board.

Hopefully, you will be able to use this tool as a guide within your own personal wellness. It is our responsibility as residents of Turtle Island to understand and honour the teachings of this land.

Recommended materials: - paper (if you want you can make the circle quadrants corresponding colours – yellow, red, black and white) - markers, coloured pencils - Magazines/pictures/images - stickers, decorations, scrapbooking items - glue (These materials are recommended for collaging purposes but you do not HAVE to collage. You can also journal, sketch, meditate, take notes. There is no wrong way to engage in this workshop and all contributions are welcome, even if it's just showing up).

Please think about your goals and things that make you happy "Emotionally, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually". If you want to precut items for collage you can.

About the Instructor
Jaene F. Castrillon (White Bear Woman/Wapske Mukwa Kwe of Bear Clan) is an award winning 2spirit interdisciplinary artist who explores her relationship to the world through various spiritual teachings and the wisdom of the land. As a 1st generation settler to Turtle Island and Tkaronto, she is a mixed race (indigenous Colombian/Hong Kong Chinese) mad crip queer person of colour living with disabilities (psychiatric/physical/cognitive). Their arts practice combines art, activism and spirituality to open a dialogue on preconceived notions of wellness and worthiness. Jaene believes in sharing the brilliance and the heart-break of living a life less ordinary. Jaene has been a Workman Arts Artist since 2010.

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