Runs from Monday January 18 2021 to Monday March 29 2021

Approximate running time: 1 hour


Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Instructor: Steven Lewis
January 18- March 29
No class February 15
Mondays 12-1PM

All through the painting process we are drawing. We are judging shapes. angles, placement and tone, the only extra component is the use of colour while painting.

In this course we will be developing our skills set and simplify shapes and value (lights and darks). First, by using drawing medium such as charcoal or conte, we will bring those developing skills to painting, first by making monochrome tonal studies in oil, then introducing colour.

Steven will be teaching how to paint in a realist manner.

This class is solvent free and geared towards beginners.



Charcoal or conte Charcoal pencil Paper kneaded eraser knitting needle


Permanent Alizarin Crimson Yellow Ochre Ivory black Titanium white

3 16x20 canvas board or canvas Palette knife 2 empty clean tuna cans plenty of paper towels palette flat and wooden linseed oil (cheapest you can find) A selection of oil painting brushes

** We can provide some materials for artists who have access needs and require studio materials (charcoal, eraser, oil paint, brushes, and linseed oil). Please let us know if you need any or all of these supplies and a kit will be delivered; Available while supplies last.**

About the Instructor
Steven Lewis is an oil painter. He has exhibited at Riverdale Art Walk, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, Touched by Fire, Being Scene, and has been a finalist for the Kingston Prize portrait competition. Steven pioneered the use of digital post production methods for television and film in Canada. Was a founding partner of SPINVFX in Toronto.

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