Runs from Tuesday March 2 2021 to Tuesday April 6 2021

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Instructor:Lisa Anita Wegner
March 2 to April 6
Tuesdays 2:00 PM-4:00PM

This six-week long workshop by artist and producer Lisa Anita Wegner is designed to support and inspire art instructors as they re-imagine and rework their workshops and classes into an online format. In sharing through examples and anecdotes, through what has worked for her and her colleagues, Lisa will fuel the art teacher’s imagination of what’s possible in an online workshop. Each session is two hours long with the first hour being an individual mental health check-in to help stay connected in the pandemic.
Lisa created a successful Creative Consultation workshop that has run for two terms as part of Workman Arts’ online programming. Teaching Art Online will offer what worked personally for Lisa as well as opening up to group brainstorming in order for you to find new ways to create meaningful online teaching experiences with your content.
Lisa will share methods of getting things done that balance feasibility with maintaining the integrity of your workshop. Each week will feature facilitated group discussion on online art teaching, to encourage your own creativity as well as artistic cross-pollination and idea-sharing.
The workshop will be a safe place in which the members will be respected and nurtured, and where they can find the support needed to stay on track. Each session will focus on a different facet of running an online workshop to help you clarify your vision of your own class, and offer and direct you toward your own strategic & practical tools to achieve your goals.
Lisa has always allotted ample time for artist check-ins, and during the pandemic, the mental health check in process has become an increasingly important aspect of human connection. Check in subjects will vary week by week.
Including five pre-planned chats, each session will be two hours long. Lisa is flexible and is happy to shift the course content based on the needs of the participants.

What To Expect
2:00pm -2:10pm Hello and Lisa Checks In 2:10pm -3:00pm Individual Check Ins 3:00pm - 3:15pm Break 3:15pm - 3:30pm Lisa’s Pre Planned Chat 3:30pm -3:45pm Questions 3:45pm - 4pm Check-out

Week 1 - Meet and greet, everyone introduces themselves and what they teach. Lisa will introduce herself and her work and start a conversation about Big Picture Thinking : time to re-imagine our world from the ground up, and reframe this as a chance to refresh our thinking and reach more people.
Week 2 - Online Platforms: Lisa will be talking about her experience with different platforms and what works. Zoom, Google Hangouts, Discord, etc.
Week 3 - Content: what works online? What works less well? Ways to imagine your course online. Maybe complete reimagining or shifting gears is needed.
Week 4 - Format: Teaching online is exhausting and Lisa has devised a way to preserve her energy and get the best experience for the participants. Best student experience balanced with ways to not burn out.
Week 5 - The Mental Health Check-In: an increasingly important aspect to online teaching. Lisa will talk about what has worked for her and will share what her students are saying about the value of this human connection.
Week 6 - Additional Q&A as well as time for participants to get advice and support on their own classes.
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About the Instructor
Lisa is a Public Artist in Residence for The City of Toronto for 2021. Shas run Mighty Brave Productions, a creative full-service company; Zebra Pictures, a commercial production company; as well as Haus of Dada, an art production company in Toronto. She has brought over 200 full-scale projects to completion over three decades, ranging from theatre to film & television, to large-scale art installations, immersive theatre projects and social experiments. In addition, Lisa has mentored over 30 film and art interns from various universities, colleges and art schools, many of whom are working in creative industries today.

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