Occurs on Wednesday September 11 2019

Approximate running time: 3 hours


Workman Arts Lower Hall
651 Dufferin Street
Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× This course, accessible to both new and experienced artists, will cover the fundamentals of drawing, as well as consider the broader scope of drawing practices. Basic drawing techniques, such as contour, value, proportion, perspective, and composition will be covered. Students will also be exposed to working with non-traditional drawing materials, collaborative drawing practices, and process-based drawing approaches. The course will encourage students to think about how they make, not just what they make. Through drawing, students will strengthen their personal creative process. Using various drawing approaches, students will explore the creative process and learn how drawing can be used as a tool to support other artistic approaches. Students will work on idea generation, engage with play, take creative risks, and develop the skills to verbalize and engage critically with ideas.

Instructor: Claire Bartleman

Claire Bartleman is a Toronto, Ontario based practicing artist and educator who lives with generalized anxiety disorder and depression. She is a sessional instructor at OCAD University and teaches at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Her textile and sculptural-based practice focuses on sentimentality and the personal objects that we hold onto regardless of their utility.

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