Runs from Thursday January 21 2021 to Thursday February 4 2021

Approximate running time: 1 hour


Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Instructor: Orion Mayas
January 21st to February 3rd
Class time: Thursdays 6:30 PM-7:30 PM

This workshop will be about the basic fundamentals on how to start an independent podcast.

The content of the first week will be on how to build a stand out brand and social media presence. The topics that will be covered are the following: how to determine your target audience, social media mastery, tips on how to create a stand out logo and unique name, determining cover art for eachepisode.

The second week will be covering the more technical side of podcasting. Topics that will be discuss will include how to plan out your episodes, determining your podcast format, advice on equipment purchasing, podcast hosting sites, tips on how to legally include music and other people content and interviewing tips.

Last week material will be about basic financial tips on how to build a strong foundation as an indepent podcaster. I will be talking about monetization, my personal financial journey, self-funding and strategies for a long lasting and fruitful podcast.

About the instructor:
My name is Orion. I'm originally from Montreal. I moved to Toronto in 2018 to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. I'm a filmmaker, financial advisor, and podcaster. In the last 3 years, I've created a podcast called Queer Black & Awkward, a production company called Orion rise productions, and founded a financial collective called The Pink Dollar Collective.
The Pink Dollar Collective:
Orion rise productions:

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