Runs from Saturday January 23 2021 to Saturday February 27 2021

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Instructor: Claudia Liz
January 23- February 27
Class time: Saturdays 6:00 PM-8:00 PM

We explore the body’s language as actors by accessing the body from the inside out, allowing the artist to gain a deeper connection with themselves -making their work more personal.
Course Take-Aways: - To leave class with tools for warming up their instrument (Voice + Body and Mindset)
-To feel more comfortable being themselves unapologetically on stage & screen
-To have tools for connecting and finding yourself in a character
-To be able to relax and coach yourself out of body paralysis, anxiety before performance or rehearsal
-To make friends and build your acting community of friends to work with
-To create a deeper relationship with themselves through journalling regularly through self-reflection
-To have tools to approach acting from an open body and heart -To feel trusting in their abilities to deliver their best in an audition
-To understand the core language around the foundations of acting

About the instructor:
Claudia Liz (they-she) is a Latinx-Caribbean bilingual actor for voice over, screen, film and tv, acting coach, writer, producer, director, visual artist, filmmaker and marketer. They trained in Acting for Stage at Dalhousie University (2018) and have lived in Tkaronto for 2 years. They are signed to a Talent Agency in Toronto, and after training in various capacities in Toronto, they saw a big gap between what actors typically make in artist income, to the high cost of Acting Training. They are also a queer, experience adhd, depression and anxiety and also identity as type 1 diabetic They saw a big need for Acting training services and other workshops that specifically served the 2SPTLGBTQIA+, ESL, Atypical, Disability, older artists, and IBPOC actors. They serve to create safe spaces for folks from these communities to access affordable acting training, and also offer scholarship tiers, and Pay it Forward models to help those who can cover a community member's training to do so anonymously or with banner recognition. Claudia Liz has also started creating short films, and screened her first film 'Piel: Skin' in partnership with Workman Arts' Rendez Vous 2020 Virtual Festival. Their second short film Te Ayudo, Como Siempre (I Will Always Help You) is currently in pre-production and will screen as part of Toronto Queer Film Festival's Spring 2021 screening.

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