Runs from Thursday January 21 2021 to Thursday March 25 2021

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Instructor: Nate Enkel
Peer Support: Véronique Vallières
January 21- March 25
Thursdays 2-4 PM

Nate strives to teach print that is approachable, and accessible, in doing and in cost. Printmaking has often employed the use of found material either as the object for printing or printing on! In an attempt to reduce costs of printmaking Nate will show students how to use repurposed material for their printmaking at home. We will be working with homemade inks and setups, using what we have available to us.

Class will take place over Zoom and involve some demos and then independent studio time, with support on technique. This class is open to those who are new to printmaking and returning students alike!

Materials that will be needed for this class are:
exacto knife/ lino cutter
water colour paint (ink if you can get some)
paper, (the best is the strathmore pad for printmaking) but really anything you got we can make work!
a wooden spoon

**** Materials will be available for artists enrolled in this course; kit will include drafting knife, lino, and paper. Please let us know in your registration notes what materials you need and include your current address. Materials will be mailed soon after confirmation of enrollment. Understand there may be delays in delivery.****

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