Runs from Monday April 12 2021 to Monday June 21 2021

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Instructor: Steven Lewis
April 12 to June 21
No class May 24
Mondays 12-2PM

One of many qualities of oil paint possesses is the ability to apply layers of paint on top of dry or semi dry layers to create beautiful intricate surfaces. The technique of applying transparent colour upon lower layers is known as “glazing”, like thin layers of coloured glass to build your painting.

In this course I will introduce the use of glazing in oil painting, The first painting we will be a portrait painted in a monochromatic underpainting and use glazes to add the colour. The second painting will start full colour, and glazes will be used to unify areas, and create subtle transitions in the painting.

We will have a combination videos and live sessions to work together. Reference photos to work from will be available, or one can choose their own to work from.

This class is solvent free.


12”x16” gessoed canvas or panels Variety of bristle and soft brushes (House brand Curry’s or Above Ground synthetic brushes are good.) Paper towels wooden palette, (new palettes should be sealed with linseed oil a few days before first using. Wipe down with oil allow to dry. Two coats.) Palette knife two clean tuna cans. Charcoal pencil Linseed Oil

Paint Titanium White Yellow Ochre Alizarin Crimson Burnt sienna Ultramarine blue. Glaze Medium (provided) equal parts linseed oil, stand oil mineral spirits Easel is handy.

** Some materials can be provided to artists who have access needs (charcoal, eraser, oil paint, brushes, and linseed oil). Please let us know if you need any or all of these supplies and a kit will be delivered; Limited quantities available.**

About the Instructor
Steven is a painter working in Toronto. Ever since his youth, Steven have always been attracted to drawing and painting the human form. Using the genre of portrait and figure painting, his work explores themes of isolation, longing and the need to connect.
Steven studied painting at the Ontario College of Art, and Academy of Realist Art. A founding partner at SPIN VFX he was a pioneer in digital post production for the film and video. Now devotes his time to painting and working within the mental health community. His work has been seen in The Kingston Prize, Touched by Fire, Being Scene.

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