Runs from Tuesday April 20 2021 to Tuesday June 22 2021

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Instructor:Lisa Anita Wegner
April 20 to June 23
Tuesdays 2:00 PM-4:00PM

With guest directors from The Tangled Art + Disability Performance Lab, Harri Thomas and Yousef Kadoura who will both be joining us Tuesday May 4th.

Based on the artistic practice of Lisa Anita Wegner this online performance workshop is centred on the key elements of play-- expression and freedom. Using found items like sunglasses, pillowcases, scarves and household items, we will be playing within Zoom’s platform taking advantage of tech glitches and limitations! Welcome to Pandemic Filter Jam.
Each two hour session will start and end with a Mental Health Check-In to facilitate connection as a performance cohort and then play as a group with curated music.
Salon feels like a sleep over, or recess: a time to play without traditional performance rules. There is nothing to learn or memorize; this is pure play at it’s fancy-dress best. With simple items found at home, some tech glitches and your imagination we can create something magical.
Drawing on Lisa's own experience with art, we create an environment based on the tastes and interests of the group, where everyone has the freedom to play and find out more about who they are as people and artists. As a participant, you are invited to play with anything you like to express yourself in a comfortable and safe environment. This workshop focuses on process, removing the pressure to produce results by offering you the experience of creating something personal, satisfying, often collaborative, and a whole lot of fun.

About the Instructor
I am a MAD and disabled public artist and a storyteller. My fascination is to create immersive multi-sensory universes in which to play, and to invite the audience into them with me so that I can share the overriding theme of my art, which is liberation through dreaming. I believe everyone is born an artist until the world knocks it out of them. My work encompasses films, large-scale art installations, live performances, disruptions and social experiments. Recently, I have expanded into running performance & consultation workshops, and sharing my artistic journey with others through speaking engagements. See what I do at

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