Runs from Monday April 19 2021 to Monday June 21 2021

Approximate running time: 1 hour


Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Instructor: Meek April 19, May 17 and June 21 Mondays 7PM-8PM

Welcome to a Drop In version of The Exploration & Expression of Body / Space. We begin each class with a short check-in, then turn our cameras off to plug into the provided curated music, ending with our camera's back on and a check-out with gratitudes.

This is not an instructional class, although there will be coaching and focus points for each drop in session. Please read below for more information, then come for all or come for a select few. The choice is yours!

Session One - Whatever Happens, Happens. Its too common in performance that we curate this perfect image of how everything should look and go. This has its place, but its my belief and practice to allow space and moments where anything happens. Embrace the chaos or the stillness and allow your body to move in whichever ways it needs to. Through small inter-dispersed guidance, we'll be spending 30 minutes together simply letting go. Of control, of perfectionism, of over-thinking.

Session Two - Finding Comfort In Your Body & Accepting Discomfort In part one, we make the space in which we move safe for ourselves while we take a deep dive into the exploration of our bodies, how they feel & how we feel about them. With small guidance, in part two we'll take inventory of our experiences through movement, sit with the uncomfortable ones and let it express itself through our bodies.

Session Three - The Movements of Emotion In the last session, we'll be exploring the full spectrum of emotions through our bodies. Both what we feel, and how we experience a prompted emotion or scenario at the time. Without curation or thought, we'll allow our bodies to move, sigh, yell, cry, and fully embody emotion through movement.

About the instructor: Meek is an interdisciplinary artist whose current focus has shifted into movement art, performance art, and dance. When young, he was a triple threat having studied jazz, tap, and ballet from ages 3 to 10. He also has a background in martial arts and teaches aerobics. Some of his performances have been showcased at Long Winter and Rendezvous with Madness. Keep up with all the various projects and practices on his instagram here:

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