Runs from Friday September 24 2021 to Friday October 22 2021

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Workman Arts
1025 Queen Street West
Toronto ON M6J 1H4


× Instructor: Hamed Tabein
Sep 24- Oct 22
Friday 3PM-5PM

Digging into art deeper is like learning any other discipline, therefore we need to learn the alphabet of photography. Undoubtedly without knowing this mandatory alphabet no picture can be done. So, this workshop tries to review basic information about photography and creativity through visual elements and camera functionality.

Participants in these workshops learn how to use cameras and how to see better to capture. They find about the quality of this medium, learn to observe an object and convey their observation onto the camera and their mind both. Learning to see and capture a decisive moment helps them to build up a better future not only as an artist but also as a person in social life.

Course Expectations/Outcomes:

1-Getting familiar with the photography basics, especially Cellphone photography. 2-Understanding the importance and value of photography in our era. 3-Paying more attention to shapes, forms and textures in nature 4-Obtaining the ability to see more and in a different way 5-To be familiar with the importance of visual elements in art.

This is a in-person course, but will be taught virtually if classes are restricted in September.

Materials: 1- Five to eight printed photos. They can cut from magazines or print it. 2- Three different color markers. 3- Camera, Cellphone or any capturing device

If you have any access needs, please let Cynella know.

About the instructor: Hamed Tabein is an Iranian-born photographer based in Montreal. His speciality is documentary photography, though he also teaches, writes and translates articles about photography. He has worked and exhibited his work widely in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, India, Afghanistan, Germany and Canada. Several solo and collective photo exhibitions, workshops, published articles including translating and compiling, and photo contest management are present in his resume. His works are a combination of art photography and photo journalism. Hamed always tries to show his world from his point of view; however, he prefers not to be known as a photojournalist.

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