Runs from Friday October 1 2021 to Friday October 29 2021

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Instructor: Annisa Siu
Oct 01- Oct 29
Friday 6PM-7PM

This course aims to refresh the daily ritual of putting pencil or brush to paper. By the end, students will have a toolbox of 5 approachable, adaptable exercises that will help make art something to look forward to each day while honing their skills. Each practice can be done in 5-10 minutes OR extended into an hour long session of immersed focus. Together, we’ll make art something that can be embraced during the week without decision fatigue, lack of inspiration, or dread. Ideally, each student will have a sketchbook to fill up throughout the class. Perfect for beginners or experienced artists looking to refresh their routine.

Materials: List will be provided September 1st. If you have any access needs, please let Cynella know.

About the instructor: Annisa Siu is a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster University. Throughout these past four years, she has learned to use her art skills as a tool of service for individual and community capacity building. Previously, she acted as the founding director of an undergraduate digital arts mentorship program. The program taught students to create high-quality illustrations for health science topics of their choosing. Our community was founded upon my personal understanding of the struggle of feeling isolated in one's artistic practice. Since then, she has developed a desire to engage and facilitate supportive communities of artists. In terms of mediums, she mostly enjoys drawing and painting with graphite, acrylic, watercolour, and gouache. In terms of topical interests, she is especially drawn to themes surrounding personal identity, social/cultural shifts, and genuine, unashamed expression. Currently, she is working as a part-time Arts Instructor at CLAP Studio, mostly with children and families.

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