Runs from Friday September 24 2021 to Friday November 26 2021

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Instructor: Hanan Hazime
Sep 24- Nov 26
Friday 6:30PM-8:30PM

BIPOC Joy: Reclaiming Our Stories

In this course, we will examine the different elements of storytelling, such as setting, characters, plot, conflict, narrative arc, theme, etc. We will also explore different storytelling techniques, such as dialogue writing, imagery, point of view, genre writing, etc. There will be a special focus on traditional BIPOC centred, non-Western methods of storytelling such as oral storytelling and nonlinear story telling. Participants will be given empowering prompts that focus on feelings of joy, community, and healing rather than illness or trauma. Racialized folks are often expected to share narratives of trauma and write about experiences of racism but in this course, we will write about our triumphs, successes, joys, and self-love instead as an act of reclaiming our stories. Participants will be encouraged to write in their mother tongues if they wish. The workshop will also include a feedback circle in which participants can share their work in order to receive constructive criticism from the instructor and from their peers. By the end of the course, we will have covered a wide variety of storytelling techniques and elements. At this point, participants will have written several polished short stories or longer narratives which they will be able to showcase by making DIY chapbooks or submitting their work for potential publication in WA's upcoming literary anthology and other literary publications.

Materials: something to write with/on for workshopping and If you have any access needs, please let Cynella know.

About the instructor: Hanan Hazime is a multidisciplinary artist, creative writer, community arts educator, and writing instructor living in Tkaranto/Toronto. She also identifies as a Neurodivergent Lebanese-Canadian Shi’a Muslimah Feminist and Mad Pride Activist. Hanan has a Masters of Arts degree in Creative Writing and English Literature from the University of Windsor.

Through her intersectional and interdisciplinary artwork, Hanan aims to push boundaries, question arbitrary binaries, and challenge the status quo. Her primary mission as an arts educator is to provide accessible arts education to marginalized communities with a special focus on crafting safe, empowered spaces for Muslims, individuals with mental health challenges, folks with disabilities, and BIPOC youth to discover and enhance their writing and art skills.

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