Runs from Friday September 24 2021 to Friday November 26 2021

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Instructor: Hana Holubec
Sep 24 to Nov 26
Fridays 12-2PM

This online Improv course builds upon skills and topics learned in previous terms, while also being structured to include newcomers and those unfamiliar with Improv. The weekly class includes warm-ups and games to foster fun, joy and flexibility, along with skills and exercises designed to develop concepts like Character, Relationship, Scene Building and Platforms. The class incorporates Clown exercises to help enrich your personal joy and point of view as a performer.

Join the WA Improv group, a mix of those new to Improv as well as seasoned members, along with improviser and performer, Hana Holubec, as we continue to build skills and create beautiful, poignant and funny moments together.

About the Instructor
Hana Holubec is an improviser, writer and performer in Toronto who performs Improv regularly on stages across the city, as well as sketch comedy alongside her ensemble, The Wow, most recently performing at both Toronto and Chicago Sketchfest.

Hana has studied Improv and sketch writing at Second City, SOCAP Theatre, Baddog and Comedy Bar, along with Bouffon and Clown with Adam Lazarus, Ken Hall and Jon Beale. With a Psychology degree and teaching certifications in both ESL and Piano, Hana’s approach to teaching, writing and performing takes in multiple viewpoints and approaches allowing her to remain open minded, flexible and in the moment.

Hana currently teaches piano and coaches Improv via Zoom from her living room with her teaching assistant, Turtle (the dog).

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