Runs from Monday January 17 2022 to Monday March 21 2022

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Instructor: Meek
Jan 17- Mar 21
Monday 5PM-7PM

Focusing on those who feel a disconnect from their body whether it's due to disordered eating, body image dysphoria, trauma, or something else. We invite people to dance, move, express themselves how they need to. Give themselves the permission and freedom to exist and take up space with their body through crafted soundscapes that vary week to week. Each week (with the exception of the first session which is where we will dig into our experiences with body, discuss boundaries, needs, group code of conduct and so forth together and have a small play session) we begin with a check in and small guided warm up, followed by hour of open studio time for free movement, a guided stretch session, and check out. The class will run for a total of two hours. The teacher, for inspiration and mood, will have their camera active however no participants are required to be on cam. This journey is yours and we are here to support you and move with you.

Materials: Access to zoom. Please contact Cynella if you have questions.

About the instructor: Meek is a multi-disciplinary artist who loudly supports the strange, the macabre, the provocative, the rough, and the rowdy. Having intimate experience with Mental Health, body image, and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, he often creates art that confronts social and political problems in a deeply personal way. Meek firmly believes that art should ignite a reaction and tell a truth and that these reactions and truths do not always need to be happy, cheerful, or pleasant. While his teaching comes from an approach of finding inner strength and connection, he strongly believes that sometimes the most important art is uncomfortable and challenging. ​ Meek's work possesses a rawness and intimacy that comes from exploring these profound and often personal themes, inviting people to open a fierce dialogue. He strives to open minds; to educate; to create awareness; to bring to light the things people keep in the dark in both an abstract way and a viscerally forward way. His work does not stay confined in one box. Embracing the flawed, the messy, and the chaotic, Meek defies limiting social prescriptions through his photos, his words, his performances and more; stimulating questions and critical conversations along the way. ​ He has shown his work in a variety of places including Rendezvous with Madness, Long Winter, and Feminist Art Conference. He also sits on the committee for both Workman Arts and Long Winter.

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