Runs from Tuesday February 15 2022 to Tuesday March 8 2022

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Instructor: Sarah Waithe
Feb 15, 22, March 1, 8, 15
Tuesdays 6:00-8:00PM

**Scarborough Residents will be prioratized.

This course will be exploring the concept of migration through an artistic and creative expression. Drawing on paintings, music, poetry, and sculptures from racialized and local artists, this course will examine how we can study migration through art. Drawing on themes of home, belonging, and identity, we will go over how artists like Warsan Shire, Jacob Lawrence, and Mona Hatoum have communicated critical concepts of migration through their art.

The intentions of this course is to also allow individuals to share their own perspective and understanding of migration through their own creative expressions. Participants will have the opportunity to create and work on their own artistic expression through either painting, poetry, drawing, dance, music, etc. Please note that you do not at all need to have an established art practice or art experience to take this course.

Who can register: This program is open to everyone, but primarily focus on people who are migrants and live in Scarborough and self identify having lived experience with mental illness and/or addiction

About the Instructor
Sarah (she/her) is a second-generation Canadian whose roots are from the Caribbean and North Africa. Born and raised in Agincourt and now living in Malvern, Sarah uses art and research to tell the stories of migration, and underrepresented voices in wider society. Graduated with a Master of Arts in Development Studies, Sarah is passionate about research and studying the settlement patterns and integration of racialized female migrants in Canada. She believes that research is a form of storytelling since it tells the stories of the voiceless. Research allows space for the storytellers and highlights the nuances and complexities in their stories, especially in migration. As an abstract artist, her art occupies a unique and special place when it comes to topics of indigeneity, identity, belonging, love, community, and re-connecting to one’s roots. It is through art where Sarah can transverse these notions on her canvas and further express and challenge the preconceived notions about Morocco, her identity, and political issues. Through art and research, she intends to raise awareness of the colonization of art and research which has been misused over the years, especially in marginalized and racialized communities.


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