Runs from Tuesday November 1 2022 to Tuesday December 6 2022

Approximate running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Instructor: Anna Redish

2PM- 3:30PM

Welcome to a weekly creative practice

It's time to make time for yourself while you connect with other amazing people. Learn the basics of art journaling in a space where there is no judgement, no criticism, just encouragement, and exploration.

Welcoming new and experienced art journalers. We will meet every week for 6 weeks and spend 90 minutes exploring our creative selves. Through writing prompts, paint suggestions, and guidance on composition you will create art journal pages that express you. This is a no-rules, can't do it wrong art class where all levels of art experience are welcome.

This class is for:

-anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of art journaling -people looking for connection with others in a safe and creative space -creative people who are shy and tentative about putting marks on paper -anyone looking to get in touch with their inner artist-but has been discouraged or criticized or corrected (there's none of that going on here!) -anyone who likes a good laugh, (and sometimes a good cry)

What you will get out of it: -a chance each week where you can breathe, be safe, and be yourself -connection to other journalers sharing their journey with you -some peace you may not have known you needed -an opportunity to examine some things in your life you haven't had time for -a place and space to express yourself safely and freely

Art Journaling can be vulnerable. This class is a place where feelings get felt, expressed, and witnessed. Art journaling has a way of opening us up to often hidden things, it makes us vulnerable and calls upon our courage. These things we are free to share with the group, (or not) so if you are ready to be supportive and be supported-please join us.


Acrylic paint: black, white and primary colours (red, yellow, blue) Markers-black white and assorted colours Regular gloss or matte medium used for glue- Instructor recommends Golden brand-8 oz jar or smaller Images- from magazines Paint brushes-assorted sizes Scissors Paper paraphernalia: could be anything...ticket stubs, ripped pages from a book, library card pocket etc- Paper towel-for wiping brushes Cup of water for rinsing brushes

** Material kits consisting of art journals, acrylic paints, paintbrushes, scissors, glue, and markers will be provided. Please contact the Education Manager upon registration if you require a kit. **

You can stop here the rest of the items listed below are ‘gravy’.

Extras: Primary colours are red, yellow and blue. Secondary colours are green, orange, and purple. So if you want to get any extras of markers or paints, add some secondary colours. My favourite paint colour is Golden acrylic Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold.

-Plastic knife and/or fork-for making cool textures in the paint -Old plastic card-library card, credit card, drivers license etc. for spreading paint -Watercolour-paint, crayons, pencils, markers -Images from your junk mail, that you print yourself, old pictures and postcards -Stamps and ink pads -charcoal pencil

Marker Recommendations: -Sharpie-in fine and extra fine point or Bic Mark It -Uni Posca for white in more than one nib size -Pilot G-Tec C4 from Articulations especially in brown -Staedtler fine liner .007 -Copic Markers come in a vast array of colours -Gelly Roll in any colour are fun -Tombo-these are watercolour markers

About the instructor: Anna Redish is an art instructor with experience hosting art classes online and in person. She has a background working with youth with social, emotional, and behavioural challenges, and has trained with Dr. Ross Greene. Anna currently hosts weekly Art Journaling classes for teens, tweens and adults through her own website, and for an online learning platform. Over the last two and a half years Anna has witnessed the power of Art Journaling transforming lives through support and community building. A homeschooling mom of 4 now adult children, Anna has used of Art Journaling for her own mental health and has witnessed others use it in their lives to build community, and express themselves safely. Anna has a passion for for supporting children with learning challenges and their families and offers classes to educators on supporting children with ADHD in the classroom.

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