Runs from Thursday October 20 2022 to Thursday October 20 2022

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Instructor: Violette Craig Innes

12PM- 2PM

Class Description:

Podcasting Audiolab is a workshop for aspiring storytellers where participants will learn the essential skills and tools one needs to produce and publish a grassroots audio podcast. Great storytelling and skilled audio recording are at the heart of every podcast. Even with the most basic tools like a phone or tablet, with a little know-how, it's possible to get great sounding recordings, edit and publish an audio podcast with a DIY Feminist approach to technology . Through a series of lectures, presentations and group discussions participants will learn planning and conceptualization, audio recording basics , scripting a podcast, interviewing skills and more. We will explore tools like and Zoom and how to record remote interviews. We will learn about the various podcast publishing platforms like Podbean and Spreaker Studio. Some homework will be necessary to complete audio projects and there will also be some required listening of serial podcasts that will be discussed critically in class for their technical and storytelling merits. Participants will be encouraged but are not required to create and share several audio recording skill building exercises toward a pilot episode. Past participants from the previous Podcasting 101 semester and newcomers alike can benefit from this course. All skill levels, learning styles and levels of interest / involvement will be encouraged and fostered.

Please note that is class may involve recording of audio/video during zoom meetings for educational purposes (with the written consent of participants).

Materials: Min Req Hardware : Mac or PC or iPad or Chromebook,

Bare min req: cell phone with voice memo app

Students can choose their own Digital Audio Workstation software based on their platform, budget and personal preferences.

These include: Audacity (free download) , Adobe Audition, Reaper( free-ish), Logic, Ableton Live, Protools

Optional hardware: handheld Digital audio recorder ( eg Zoom H4N) USB microphone, USB interface, broadcast quality microphone

About the instructor: Violette Craig Innes (fka Craig Riddock) is a multimedia artist, musician and audio engineer who graduated from fine arts at Emily Carr in 1994 and later, studied applied audio recording at T.A.R.A Toronto in 2007. After a 27 year career as an Architectural Rendering Artist Violette has gone on to host the arts and culture podcast Shut Off That Noise, host a miniature art gallery and write eclectic electronic music with the band Basements of Scarberia. Violette has previously instructed the Podcasting 101 course at Workman Arts last semester.

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