Occurs on Tuesday May 9 2023

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Workman Arts
1025 Queen Street West
Toronto ON M6J 1H4


× Instructor: Gabe Gonçalves

May 9- June 27, Tuesday, 3:00PM- 5:00PM

Class Description: Clay Creation will give artists an opportunity to translate their unique ideas into finished 3D sculptures. With access to a variety of clay materials and sculpting supplies, artists of all skill levels are welcome to join in and create! Foundational techniques including armature creation, working with sculpting tools, curing tips, and paint application will be covered throughout the course. Participants will be encouraged to explore artistic subjects that feel authentic to them and their story. We will engage in exercises for developing ideas whether they be original characters, themes, feelings, or locations. Clay Creation will include in-person access to sculpting tutorials and techniques in order to optimize creativity within the 3D art space. Participants will learn tips for sketch development, armature balance, posing, texturizing, and painting and will leave Clay Creation with a fully cured and uniquely customized sculpture of their own. Most of all, this course will be a platform for exploring creativity alongside other artists and peers!

** Please note that members who were waitlisted for the winter term will be priortized for enrolment in this class.

Materials: - Paper and pencils - Craft wire or armature wire (any gauge) - Aluminum foil - 1lb of air-dry clay per participant - 1lb total of ultra-lite foam clay - Sculpting tool starter kit (ball stylus, pick tool, and spoon tool are most essential) - Clay texturizing sheets/rollers/molds - Acrylic paints - Paint brushes - Plastic bags - Internet access for searching up references

* Material kits will be provided by WA but feel free to bring your own materials as well.

About the instructor: Gabe Gonçalves (he/they) is a multi-disciplinary artist and a facilitator of mental wellness. They use figure creation, puppetry, and filmmaking as a means of self-expression, growth, and healing. Working with recycled materials, polymer clay, and acrylic paints, Gabe has manifested a variety of creatures for the screen and for their own personal enjoyment. They’ve been credited for their original short film “Hermit” which was awarded "Best Experimental Short" at the Toronto Short Film Festival. Gabe has also worked as a peer supporter and active listener for theatre spaces and for virtual LGBTQ+ support groups. Gabe feels intrinsically motivated to promote mental wellness in intersecting and marginalized communities using trauma-informed and anti-oppressive practices. In their future endeavors, Gabe hopes to continue dedicating themselves to facilitating spaces for artistic enrichment and accessible mental healthcare.

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