Occurs on Tuesday May 9 2023

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Artscape Young Place
180 Shaw Street
Toronto ON M6J 2W5


× Instructor: James Buffin

May 9- June 27, Tuesday, 6:00PM- 8:00PM

Class Description: Explore your creativity, experimenting with techniques in camerawork and concept development in this completely new course led by longtime Workman Arts instructor James Buffin.

Participants will plan and shoot an experimental film, with total freedom to bring all ideas to the table and then see it come together by guiding their editor to bring it to life.

Planning is important for all types of films, especially experimental. The first third of this course focuses on planning and test shooting.

The middle third of this course is where you will shoot the film. The final third is where you work with the editor to bring the vision to life.

This is a course in film production. Editing will be provided in-class by a professional editor.

Materials: There are no requirements for this course - some people will have phones and we will work with what we have.

If you have a cell phone that can shoot video, please bring it to every class. You will also need to be able to upload the footage and will be supported in doing this.

About the instructor: James Buffin is a multi-disciplinary media specialist with 30+ years in film, print, music and audio production.

His work has been broadcast internationally and featured at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Trauma Research Foundation, universities, churches, school boards and community groups all around the planet.

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