Occurs on Friday May 12 2023

Approximate running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


Artscape Young Place
180 Shaw Street
Toronto ON M6J 2W5


× Instructor: Dilan Sulevani

May 12-June 30, Friday, 12:30PM - 2PM

Class Description: In the FUNNY BONES course, you will learn how to cleverly transform your lived experience into humorous anecdotes in a healing and cathartic manner. With 8 in person classes, you will be surrounded by other students that will be important in the comedy forming process. There will be several exercises (single and group) to help foster the creative process and get comfortable with an audience presence. You will learn to read the room, along with the body language and micro-expressions to help your funny self to truly shine. The introduction class will be a fun ice breaker scenario where we play a game to get to know one another. After the first class, there will be 7 more additional classes with a build up of sequential knowledge, so don't skip class! After taking this course, you will learn to confidently express your humorous self in social settings amongst family and friends or spontaneously on the stand up comedy stage. A surprise open mic opportunity after attending the course successfully can be arranged for students that are interested.

Materials: Pen & Paper for taking notes.

About the instructor: My name is Dîlan Zozan Sulevanî. I am a 31 year old self-taught multi disciplinary artist from London, ON! My educational background is in science and biology but I made the jump to go into the arts because of my passion for self expression. I founded my design company Zozan Designs in 2018. ( Since then, I have created many canvas paintings, murals, jewelry, caricatures, and mug designs. Since moving to Toronto, I have tried different art forms, aside from visual, including stand up comedy! I love making people laugh, it brings me the best of joys. My love for humour and comedy has really flourished in my healing journey and I cannot wait to teach my students the art of comedy!

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