Occurs on Thursday May 11 2023

Approximate running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


Artscape Young Place
180 Shaw Street
Toronto ON M6J 2W5


× Instructor: Ash Silver

May 11 - June 15, Thursday, 4PM-5:30PM

Class Description: ‘Moving Beats’ is a short course in theatre development work, where students being with a simple table read of a scene from a play, or some other performative text. Students learn how to track the beats of the work and develop and embodied interpretation that will be further self-critiqued in such a way that allows the student (artist) to possibly adapt it to their interests. Finally, students will have an opportunity to perform with their peers and receive support feedback. Performing is encouraged but is optional. Students will be supported with literacy and/or language barriers.

Learning objectives:

1. Reading, understanding and analyzing a script 2. Develop an ability to begin critically interpreting “beats” within a script, song, poem 3. Perform or present a revised work and receive supportive feedback. Performance experience is not required.

Materials: Pencils with erasers Pens Highlighter variety packs Sticky notes Notebooks (small or medium sized)

About the instructor: I am a performing artist and academic who is working to rehabilitate my mind after illness. I’m a parent of two delightful daughters and I study philosophy and theatre at the university of Toronto. I sometimes do stand-up and put together a live show a few years ago. I write poetry and plays and published a memoir last year called Rice, Milk and Rosewater. I was a child and youth care worker for many years and taught at Humber College.

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