Occurs on Monday January 13 2020

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Workman Arts Theatre
651 Dufferin Street
Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× Explore is a movement based workshop focusing on the development of storytelling through dance. Throughout this series participants are given task based activities that give space to discover your identity through dance in the company of others. We will explore street dance and contemporary techniques such as contact improvisation, call and response and more. These sessions are made to excercise muscle memory, imagination and musicality through movement.

Instructor: Nigel Edwards

I am a movement storyteller. The stories I tell come from visceral responses that animate an embodied knowledge that allows me to maneuver the world around me. My artistic practice is inspired by the re-imagining of space, soundscapes and evocation of identity and freedom through movement. As a choreographer, sound designer and community arts practitioner, I am able to create spaces for movement artists to understand what it means to be present, have an honest exchange and experience reciprocity in its rawest form as I lead them through collective improvisation. As a self-taught movement artist, I discovered my identity and style through my roots in the Toronto’s street dance community. It is from my community that I emerged into a professional practice with the Moon Runner’s dance crew and the Alias project. exploration of freedom can involve taking risks, being playful with oneself and being witness to the individual offerings that each of us can make in seeing in real time, one’s journey, one’s story, through movement. I feel that my journey in exploring freedom through my movement practice continuously affirms my identity as someone who sees the world as a landscape that should be animated to evoke celebration, curiosity and imagination in us all.

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