Occurs on Wednesday January 15 2020

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Workman Arts Theatre
651 Dufferin Street
Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× In this class, you will create and develop your own theatre piece(s) through in-class workshopping and writing. We will use a number of tools – character work, movement, music, improvisation etc. – as starting points, working towards developing scripts of a story (or stories) you will perform within the class, with ongoing input and direction with instructor Lorene Stanwick. In this organic process, we will: begin with a discussion/exploration of what participants hope to achieve; explore common themes; develop and deepen individual/solo pieces; work as a group to create scenes. It is a chance to tell your own story, real or imagined, and then perform, as yourself or characters you create for you - and perhaps others in the group - to perform. Expect to write and share!

NOTE PERFORMANCE: Spring Session: if you wish to take the spring Self Stories, you may have an opportunity to further develop your winter session pieces to perform in the Workman Arts Spring Showcase.

Instructor Lorene Stanwick

Lorene Stanwick has trained in Drama-in-Education, and is a Certified Canadian Counsellor. Her theatre and performance training has also included acting, improv, SoulO Theatre, voice, playwriting and clown. She just produced her play, Broken Branches, which explores the aftermath of sibling abuse and the resilience of the human spirit. She thinks telling our stories is good for us, good for others, and is one way we learn about the world - and our own resilience.

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