Occurs on Wednesday January 15 2020

Approximate running time: 3 hours


Workman Arts Lower Hall
651 Dufferin Street
Toronto ON M6K 2B2


× This painting course will focus on water-based painting media; using primarily acrylic paint, but also gouache, inks as well as the inclusion of other mixed media and surfaces. The course will introduce varied strategies to abstract image making while building technical skills, engaging students in the principles of: colour theory and shading, composition, construction, material sensitivity and play. Classes featuring: still lives, collage, the figure and art historical references will help to illustrate different ways of developing abstract imagery.

Instructor: Stanzie Tooth

Stanzie Tooth works primarily in painting, though her practice also diverges into sculpture, collage and installation. Tooth’s recent practice features mixed media sculptural paintings where fibre, plaster and pigment come together to make tablette-like assemblages. For Tooth, the material play of her work and the conceptual framework are intertwined.

A large tenant of Stanzie’s practice, as well as her approach to teaching, is to undo the hierarchy of materials, showing her belief that art should be accessible and affordable to make. A collector of collage materials, fabrics, random surfaces and more, she brings these materials into the classroom as a resource to encourage students to expand their ideas of art making and what a painting can be.

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